How to improve the repurchase rate of users in WeChat shopping malls
Date:2021-09-09 Views: 236

1、 Control product quality and price
Only high-quality products can truly leave a deep impression in people’s minds. Of course, high-quality products alone are not enough, and setting reasonable product prices is also an important means to increase customer return rates.
2、 Integrity management, establishing a reliable reputation
A good shopping mall, backed by a good reputation, can attract more loyal customers.
3、 Improve customer satisfaction
By conducting customer satisfaction surveys, we can understand what customers need and what is valuable to them, allowing customers to be satisfied with the product and service quality of the store, thereby enhancing their satisfaction with the mall.
4、 Improve the overall service quality of the mall
The mall optimizes the shopping process while ensuring product quality and information quality.
5、 Establish online community groups and strengthen communication with customers
Communities can achieve the goal of customer communication, which is an effective way to cultivate a stable customer base. Using online communities can give customers a certain sense of similarity, and gathering together can easily create a sense of closeness. It can effectively cultivate mutual emotional dependence and cohesion, and increase turnover.
6、 Implement VIP membership system and use promotional methods
VIP members can be provided with free gifts, free delivery, etc. to increase customer follow-up rates to the store, thereby enhancing customer return rates. Discounts and other promotional activities can be held during holidays, and discounts can also be offered to returning customers.
In summary, there are mainly the following aspects:
1. Customer satisfaction has always been an important influencing factor of mall loyalty, and satisfaction is the leading factor of store loyalty.
2. Trust plays a decisive role.
3. The intrinsic value influences customer loyalty.
How to improve the repurchase rate? Through the above methods, you can also attract some old customers to a greater or lesser extent. After all, they have already recognized your store, and it is not so difficult to reactivate them. Using e-commerce ERP to push care messages, emails, updates, promotional activity reminders, etc. in real time can help customers awaken their memories of the past.